Leopard eating impala

A video of the male leopard Chavaluthu feeding on an impala on the 18th of November 2015. Leopards would often drag their kills into trees safely away from the hungry mouths of hyenas. They would sometimes lower the carcass to the ground to feed on during the day when they know that hyenas would be resting and hoist it up again just after dark.

Female leopards, maybe more so than males, are often followed by hyenas who will try to steal their hard-earned kill as soon as it happens; before they can pull it into the safety of a tree. No wonder there is no love lost between leopards and hyenas. Hyenas would still loiter around the tree where a kill is stashed as it often pays off with pieces of meat dropping down while a leopard is feeding or sometimes a clumsy leopard might just be a little careless in balancing the kill and the whole carcass would come tumbling down towards a grateful and very patient adversary.

Post by Robbie Prehn

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