A video taken on the 25th of October 2015 by Rul Ntemane, one of our guides. A pride of 10 lions killed a young giraffe during night and ate most of the meat by the time that the sun greeted the day and banished all memories of the previous night’s horror into the fast disappearing shadows of the night. The rising sun would heat pockets of air to create thermals invisible to the human eye, but easily discovered by nature’s undertakers, the ugly and undeservedly maligned vultures who effortlessly glide on waves of hot air that sometimes brings with it the faintest odor of death. Lions often drag their kills into the shade of trees hoping to escape detection from vultures, but this seldom works. Vulture’s uncanny eyesight and the unmistakable scent of rotten meat carried upwards by hot thermals, vulture’s ignorant servants, helps them to discover the most well hidden of carcasses and aids nature to cleanse itself before disease can start to spread.

Post by Robbie Prehn