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White rhino bulls fighting

A video taken of 2 white rhino bulls fighting. Young bulls are normally seen in pairs, but become solitary at around 12 years of age when they would try to find a territory of their own. Territories would be demarcated by dung middens and by spraying urine. They spray urine backwards onto bushes and also […]

Hyenas and vultures

A video taken on a wildlife safari the 24th of May 2016 of hyenas and vultures feeding on a buffalo calf. South Africa is currently suffering under one of the worst droughts in recorded history and Balule Nature Reserve and adjacent Kruger National Park have not been spared. The buffalo was not killed by predators […]

Battle-scarred black rhino bull

A black rhino bull approaches the Pondoro safari cruiser during a game drive. It is obvious that he had been in a fight from the bloody scars and gashes across his forehead. Black rhino home ranges varies from 3 sq km in forest areas to 90 sq km in more arid terrain. Black rhino bull […]