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Tiny black hyena cubs

Great news! We have new hyena cubs. The tiny cubs were filmed by ranger Rul on the 7th of June 2016 as they emerged from their burrow to suckle from their mother. Hyena cubs can move with surprising agility after only 10 days of age and lose their distinctive black coat after 2-3 months. Interesting […]

Aardvark on safari

A video of an aardvark taken during evening safari on the 7th of June 2016. The guests that saw it must count their lucky stars as they are very seldom seen. Aardvarks only start to get active after 20h00 when our safari cruisers are already back at camp and hungry guests are getting ready for […]

White rhino bulls fighting

A video taken of 2 white rhino bulls fighting. Young bulls are normally seen in pairs, but become solitary at around 12 years of age when they would try to find a territory of their own. Territories would be demarcated by dung middens and by spraying urine. They spray urine backwards onto bushes and also […]