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Leopard killing a warthog

Rul and Andries followed fresh leopard tracks early this morning until they found the gorgeous male leopard called Chavaluthu. He became aware of a warthog close by and sneaked up to a termite mound where a warthog was still fast asleep inside an abandoned aardvark burrow. They say that patience is a virtue and this […]

African wild dogs

Guests staying at Pondoro on the 29th of September 2015 were extremely lucky to see a small pack of African wild dogs consisting of 3 adult females and 2 youngsters. They normally den between May and July. African wild dogs produce more pups, 6 -16 than any other canid and the alpha female probably lost […]

An elephant dust bathing

Sam took this video of an elephant bull enjoying a dust bath right next to his safari cruiser on the 21st of September 2015. Elephants often throw sand over themselves as it acts as a sun screen and helps them to get rid of irritating biting insects. Amazing to watch the elephant going about his […]

Leopard at Treehouse hide

Our Treehouse hide is proving to be very popular with guests. Nothing beats the feeling of being on your own in the bush while listening to a symphony of nocturnal sounds. The hide has a solar powered spotlight for viewing any nocturnal animals visiting the waterhole that is situated close to the hide. Rul and […]

Male leopard scent marking

Sam, one of our guides, took this video on the 14th of September 2015 while following a male leopard called Chavaluthu as he was marking his territory. He is slowly enlarging his territory by pushing further and further into the territory of his father (Watsakile). I have seen them fighting with each other about 3 […]

Lions feeding on a buffalo kill

Sam and his guests saw this amazing sighting early morning while on a wildlife safari on the 17th of September 2015. The lions killed this buffalo during the early hours of the morning and they had just started feeding when Sam and Remson found them. Buffaloes are formidable adversaries and not easy to catch and […]

A rare sighting of a pangolin

What a nice video taken by Rul. The sighting of a pangolin in the wild is generally regarded as the Holy Grail of sightings as they are rare and very difficult to find. Their nocturnal habits also does not help. The name Pangolin comes from the Malay word “pengguling”, meaning “something that rolls up”.  They are […]

Hyena cubs playing

A beautiful video by Rul, one of our star guides, of hyenas playing at a den site on the 9th of September 2015. They are social animals of a high intellect and it must be a highlight of anyone’s safari to visit a den site and watch the interaction between hyenas. This cub was born […]

Young female leopard at Pondoro

The daughter of the Mohlabetsi Mafazi seem to have severed the ties with her mother and are now fully independent. The guides have seen her on several occasions on her own hunting and stalking smaller antelopes. This video was taken by Rul as she was relaxing close to a common duiker kill on the 29th […]

Lions feeding on a kudu

The lion pride where Kudyela, the big male, spend most of his time seem to be enjoying a very successful hunting period lately. The guides found them feeding on a kudu bull on the 24th of August 2015 only a day after finishing the giraffe carcass that they killed a few days ago. The 3 […]

Buffalo bulls fighting

It has always been a dream of mine to photograph buffalo bulls fighting. I never had the luck, even after 19 years of guiding. So along came Rul, one of our guides, a few days ago and casually suggested that I have a look at a video he took. I could not believe my eyes […]

Leopard drinking

Rul, one of our guides at Pondoro Game Lodge, got a call over the 2-way radio of a leopard sighting during afternoon safari on the 18th of August. With guests on his vehicle very eager to see leopard he responded immediately and found the female subadult cub of the Mohlabetsi female. He followed her as […]

Lion feeding on a giraffe

August is known as the windy month in South Africa. True to form we had quite a strong wind during the night. Predators often make use of opportunities like this to hunt as the noise of the wind would mask their approach and aid them while stalking the unsuspecting prey. Lions got the biggest prize […]

Hyena cubs playing at densite

A lovely video taken by ranger Sam earlier the week of hyenas and cubs playing. They are very interesting and intelligent animals and one of my favorites. They often get a bad wrap for being cruel, cowardly and ugly. This is a great video as it shows how gentle and playful they can be with […]

Lion cub and warthog head

Sam and his guests came across this group of lions on the 29th of July 2015. They has just killed a warthog and were busy finishing off their meal. A warthog is a small meal and they would usually rush over to whoever made the kill, grap the animal where they can get hold of […]