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Leopard eating impala

A video of the male leopard Chavaluthu feeding on an impala on the 18th of November 2015. Leopards would often drag their kills into trees safely away from the hungry mouths of hyenas. They would sometimes lower the carcass to the ground to feed on during the day when they know that hyenas would be […]

Lions feeding on a baboon

A video taken by ranger Sam on the 8th of November 2015 of a pride of lions feeding on a male baboon. Baboons are safe in trees and need not to fear lions. I suppose that it is easier said than done as I have never had the misfortune of being stuck up a tree […]

Leopard cub in tree

A recent sighting during a Pondoro safari as seen by ranger Sam and his guests. The cub of the Mohlabetsi Mafazi is really getting bigger and bolder by the day. He is often seen in the area around Misi Loop and Rock Fig road which now have become one of the guides’ favorite spots for […]

Elephants drinking

A video taken by Ranger Sam at Ngala dam on the 10th of November 2015 of a herd of elephants arriving to drink and cool off to get some relief from the midday heat. Elephants will drink at least once a day, if possible, and can drink up to 150 liters at a time. They […]

Male lion at Ngala dam

A video taken by ranger Rul of a lion drinking water at Ngala dam on the 27th of October 2015. This is a male that we do not often see as he spends most of his time further east of our traversing area. Lions are quite inefficient at drinking; lapping water using only their tongues […]

Huge African Rock Python

A video taken by Ranger Sam on the 29th of October 2015 of a 4 meter African Rock python crossing the road in front of the Safari cruiser. It is the largest snake found in Africa and one of the six largest found in the world and can reach up to 6 meters in length. […]

Black rhinos cooling down

2 Rare and endangered black rhinos lying inside a watering hole as they are trying to cool down in an attempt to escape from the simmering heat that have been ravaging most of South Africa during the last month or two. Two species of rhino, the black and white rhino, are found in Africa with […]

Black rhino cow and calf

How beautiful is this little calf? Few people in the world can boast that they have seen a rhino calf, never mind an elusive and secretive black rhino calf. Interesting fact of rhinos is that the white rhino calf will walk in front of the mother and that the calf of a black rhino will […]

Jackal pups

The end of the dry season is a harsh time with very little to smile about. The one shining light in a otherwise dreary looking tunnel is the knowledge that blackjacked jackals are denning and that one might be lucky enough to see this furry little buggers. This a video taken on the 19th of […]

Elephant bulls fighting

A video by Rul Ntemane of 2 elephant bulls play fighting on the 26th of October 2015. Elephant bulls do not have a territory that they defend against other bulls, but share a home range. Play fighting from a young age helps to develop a hierarchy and this stops serious fights from being a regular […]

Lion drags a giraffe carcass

A video taken on the 25th of October 2015 by Rul Ntemane, one of our guides. A pride of 10 lions killed a young giraffe during night and ate most of the meat by the time that the sun greeted the day and banished all memories of the previous night’s horror into the fast disappearing […]

Lion in tree at Pondoro

Guests often believe that lions cannot climb trees. How often have I heard people say that they will climb into the safety of a tree when stranded alone in the bush at night? Truth is that lions might not be the most agile of climbers and can look quite awkward and clumsy at times, but […]

Lion safari at Pondoro

We are enjoying some great lion sightings at the moment with 5 different lion prides roaming the Pondoro concession area. This is a video taken on the 1st of October of a male lion that we call Kudyela and his pride of lionesses and cubs. Kudyela means ” to eat or eating ” and he […]

Great tusker at Pondoro

A huge tusker seen during a wildlife safari on the 15th of October 2015. This elephant bull is a legend inside Balule Nature Reserve with his tusks of about 2 meters in length making him the largest tusker in the reserve. He is around 40 years old and with the growth rate of elephant tusks […]

Female leopard cub

Guests visiting Pondoro Game Lodge were really blessed with exceptional sightings of this leopard cub during the end of September and beginning of October 2015 after guides discovered a leopard den site close to Rock Fig road. She is quite inquisitive and seems to look forward to game drive times as if waiting for the […]