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Elephant bull rolling in mud

A video taken by Ranger Rul on the 2nd of December 2015 of an elephant bull grooming himself. The mud cools them down and is good for the skin. Ticks also gets trapped in the layer of mud covering the skin. Scratching on a tree after rolling in mud helps them to get rid of […]

Buffalo chasing lions

Ranger Sam took this video on the 10th of December 2015 as a pride of 6 lions were drinking while a small group of buffalo bulls approached and chased them off. Buffalo bulls are formidable adversaries and not to be messed with. This small bull groups that loves to roll in mud to cool down […]

Hyenas eating a waterbuck

A video of hyenas taken on the 10th of December 2015 as they were busy feeding on a waterbuck carcass after they chased a few lions way from their kill. Sam and his guests found the lions the previous afternoon just after they made the kill. They were still panting and resting next to the […]

Black rhino cow and calf

A lovely video of a black rhino cow and calf curiously approaching the Pondoro safari vehicle. Black rhinos are notorious for their curiosity and will often slowly and warily approach and then suddenly turn tail and thunder away providing great photographic opportunity for any keen wildlife photographer. An interesting fact highlighting the difference between black […]

Vine snake catch a frog

Great video by tracker Eric of a vine snake chasing and biting a frog during safari drive on the 12th of December 2015. Unfortunately his camera ran out of memory and he could not continue to film until the inevitable sad (for the frog) ending of the frog being swallowed by the snake. A safari […]

Elephants swimming

A video taken by Eric of a herd of elephants swimming at Ngala dam on the 11th of December. We have been suffering from a heatwave and drought conditions throughout South Africa. Regulating your core body temperature under such conditions can be very difficult for the world’s largest land mammal and going for a swim […]

Rare African wild dogs

A video of a small pack of critically endangered African wild dogs taken by Ranger Sam on the 24th of November 2015 drinking at a small pond while keeping a suspicious eye on some exposed rocks just in case they turn out to be crocodiles. Rather be safe than sorry. There are only about 1400 […]

Lions on safari

A video of two male lions of the Mohlabetsi pride as seen on the 22nd of November 2015. Male lion dynamics sometimes take a life of their own throwing the text books out of the window. Text books on animal behavior are handy and good study material, but one must always remember that just as […]

Cheetah feeding on an impala

A video taken by ranger Rul on the 20th of November 2015 of a collared male cheetah feeding on an impala. It is believed that the cheetah was collared in the Timbavati region to the east of Balule for research purposes. Males can form coalitions of up to 6 and can have territories that varies […]

Nonwane female cub

The Nonwane female cub as seen on the 23rd of November 2015. She is blossoming into a beautiful little princess and becoming a favorite of Rul, our resilient leopard tracker and head guide. Once Rul spots fresh leopard tracks or gets a sniff of a leopard close-by his face would lit up with excitement and […]

African wild dogs – sensitive viewing

A video by ranger Rul taken on the 24th of November 2015. Nature can be very cruel when looking from a human perspective or from the prey’s perspective for that matter. We would all like to imagine a leopard or wild dog’s prey dying a quick and painless death and maybe even sacrificing themselves for […]

Lion during night safari

A video taken by Ranger Rul during an evening safari on the 20th of November 2015. One of the advantages of going to a private game reserve next to the Kruger National Park is being able to go on a safari drive after dark. This provide excellent opportunities to try and see some of the […]

Hyenas at den site

A video taken by Rul on the 19th of November 2015 showing a pensive Andries watching hyenas playing around their den site. It is a privilege to be allowed into their inner sanctuary and it took years of dedication by the guides and trackers of Pondoro and Mohlabetsi, as well as members of the Hearne […]

Leopard eating impala

A video of the male leopard Chavaluthu feeding on an impala on the 18th of November 2015. Leopards would often drag their kills into trees safely away from the hungry mouths of hyenas. They would sometimes lower the carcass to the ground to feed on during the day when they know that hyenas would be […]

Lions feeding on a baboon

A video taken by ranger Sam on the 8th of November 2015 of a pride of lions feeding on a male baboon. Baboons are safe in trees and need not to fear lions. I suppose that it is easier said than done as I have never had the misfortune of being stuck up a tree […]