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Elephants swimming during Kruger Park safari

A video of elephants swimming in a lake taken by one of the Pondoro guides just after sunset. Elephants love water and they can often be seen swimming and cooling down during hot summer days. We often see breeding herds frolicking around in some of our bigger dams and the noise and ambience when sitting […]

Serval sighting at Pondoro

Serval sightings are rare in Balule as they prefer marshy areas with long grass. As part of its adaptation for hunting the serval boasts long legs (the longest of all cats, relative to body size) for jumping, which also help it achieve a top speed of 80 km/h and has large ears with acute hearing. […]

Leopard drinking during evening safari

Saw this beautiful male leopard on the 26th of February. We first came upon him while he was sleeping in a nearby dry riverbed. He got up just after sunset to have a drink at a nearby waterhole.

Elephant bull taking a dust bath

Rul took this video of an elephant bull on the safari drive on the 28th of February. They often throw sand on their backs which acts as a sunscreen and help against biting insects. Might also help to lessen a nagging itch on that hard to reach places.

Following a pride of lions during a morning safari at Pondoro

A video taken on the 3rd of March 2014 at Pondoro Game Lodge as we followed a pride of lions through the African bush. Tiny lion cubs followed their mothers as they moved them to another den site. This happens fairly often to avoid detection from other predators like hyena or even elephants who will […]

This could be you!

Imagine sitting on an open safari cruiser in the middle of the African bush surrounded by a herd of elephants. You have an open invitation at Pondoro Game Lodge. Enjoy the romance of Africa at great low season rates. Adventure in a romantic safari setting. What more can you ask for?

Elephant chasing a lioness at Pondoro Game Lodge

Great morning safari drive on the 16th of February 2014. The young elephant bull was determent to have a drink in peace at a pool of rain water captured by the rocks. The presence of the lioness flared his temper. The lioness was actually hiding some tiny little cubs just behind the big slap of […]

Black rhino charging the safari cruiser at Pondoro

Rul, one of our guides at Pondoro always seem to video some real gems while on safari with guests as you can see from this footage on the 5th of May 2014. Black rhinos are not only extremely rare but also notoriously short of fuse. All our guides have the best training and years of […]

Leopard during Pondoro safari

A video taken a while ago of a young male walking past our safari cruiser. Leopards are solitary and extremely secretive making them the most difficult of the Big 5 to find. In a weird way their solitary nature also makes them more confident as they are used to facing dangers on their own. This […]

African wild dogs playing at Pondoro – Kruger Park

A recent video of African wild dogs playing during a safari at the lodge. They love to run and they never seem to ran out of energy, but they are not the most acrobatic as you can see. It is always difficult to explain to guests how special it is to see these endangered animals […]

Lion cubs in Kruger Park

Mark took this video close to Pride rock on the 25th of March. He found the cubs again after a lengthy search much to the delight of the guests in his safari vehicle. The area around Pride rock is very rocky which makes it an ideal place for lions to hide their cubs as it […]